The Most Popular Chinese Dishes You Should Try

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China has tourist attractions in abundance, but the delicious foods are arguably the main attraction and something many people enjoy once they are back home. With a long history of excellent cooking, Chinese food is one of the most important elements of the Chinese culture, and with different cultures around the world. Chinese dishes are famous for their aroma, colours, taste, and appearance. We have listed seven of the most popular dishes among the public.

Sweet and Sour Pork

With its delectable sweet and sour flavour and bright orange-red colour, sweet and sour pork is always a favourite with diners. While this is a highly traditional dish, demands can be met by substituting the pork for other ingredients, such as pork ribs, beef or chicken.

Gong Bao Chicken

This well-known Sichuan-style meal is popular with both foreigners and Chinese. The main ingredients in Gong Bao chicken are dried chilli, fried peanuts, and, of course, diced chicken. This is a favourite dish for Chinese delivery in Bristol. People in Western countries have designed a Western-style alternative to this dish where the diced chicken is covered with corn starch, sweet and sour sauce, mashed garlic, and vegetables.

Ma Po Tofu

By far one of the most famous dishes in Chuan cuisine, ma po tofu has a history of over 100 years. ‘Ma’ refers to the hot, spicy taste that comes from pepper powder, one of the main spices used in Chuan cuisine. The delicious, milky tofu is enriched with a reddish-brownish ground beef, along with chopped onion. This is an incredibly tasty delicacy.


Eating wontons on the winter solstice is a tradition that began with the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907). Wontons are typically boiled and then served with soup, but they can also be deep fried. The most versatile shape is a right triangle, and wontons can be filled with diced shrimp or minced pork.


Dumplings have an amazing history of over 1,800 years and are a traditional food that is extremely popular in North China. Dumplings are made of thin pieces of dough skin and are filled with chopped vegetables and minced meat. Other popular fillings include ground chicken, minced pork, and beef. The dumplings are cooked by frying, steaming, or boiling, and are a traditional dish consumed on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Chow Mein

The word ‘chow mein’ is a Cantonese term that means stir-fried noodles. The dish consists of onions, celery, meat (either pork, shrimp, chicken, or beef), and noodles. The noodles for chow mein are cooked in boiling water and then left to cool before being stir-fried.

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are the Cantonese version of dim sum and are a cylindrical shape. Fillings are usually meat or vegetables, and the flavour is either savoury or sweet. Once the fillings have been wrapped in the spring roll wrappers, the spring rolls are fried to a golden yellow hue. Spring rolls are particularly popular in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen.

Chinese food is a popular takeaway option in the United Kingdom!